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Jim Koehn

Artwork - and other stuff


Paintings - Illustrations - Custom Signage & Lettering - Murals & Backdrops - Photography - Stage Sets - Special Projects


I use this website as more of an Online Portfolio - showing lots of various work and projects through the years.

Please see Gallery Tabs in Menu for Art Portfolios *** My newest Original Art & Prints - For Sale on my Etsy Store site - see link at bottom.


Set Design - Event Design - Fabrication


I've been involved in the design, fabrication & production of many events over the last 15 years. I've also been involved in the design & fabrication of many broadcast studio & stage sets my entire adult life. I've found this to be a good way to expand my abilities and provide a steady living in a creative environment - while still pursuing my art.


Comcast Newsmakers - Broadcast Studio Set Design - Concept to Completion


Event Design - Fabrication - Production. Corporate - Gala - Special Events of all types. Themed Parties



Broadcast Studio Sets - from Concept Designs to full studio execution of Finished Sets. Design - Fabrication - Installation



Custom Props - Signage - Special Projects - Magical Morning at MOSI - Design & Execution of Museum Exhibits


Outdoor Events - Festivals - Unique Fabrications. Design & Execution of multiple Wine Festival Entry Arches to designate Wine Regions of the World

"Concept to Completion"

Jim Koehn

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